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Sticking to even a small challenge can strengthen the mind. Do it enough times consistently and barriers can be broken. I did not first realize how power the mind could be until I did the 10 day vipassana meditation. The point of where you think sitting on your but for 12 hours is tough to feeling and seeing the benefits of silent meditation is such a rewarding experience. Somethings that we do will push our mind to the edge but if we can vision the end of the light when we think about giving up we can begin to realize that we build up our will power to conquer anything.

I saw an article from a friend and it said an average single mother lived off of 45$ per week. It was a boy named Quinn who the research and challenged people to try to live off 45 dollars for 5 days. Reading the article below really inspired me to do this challenge because I wanted to experience the choices and feelings that I would have to make this budget.

As I was planning my meals it seemed easy but I forgot it is was a “single mom,” meaning there was another mouth to field. To start off the challenge I grabbed this weeks flyers and started circling food that was a good deal and started tallying up the dollars. My 1 extra addition to the challenge was that I had to eat healthy, I couldn’t just buy a 24 pack of ramen noodle for 3 bucks… hahaha.

I challenge everyone who reads this post to do this challenge or something different. Keep the challenge bite size at first if you don’t do many or these. Start building the will power.


Author: ryankwong08

What to say about myself besides that I am good looking. hahaha. just kidding. I am about to embark on a new adventure living in Muscat, Oman which is a new culture and language that I have not experienced before. But like all new things I will learn to adapt and embrace this wonderful experience for both my career and personally. A few mottos that I live by are: "Live, Learn, Succeed" "Make It Happen" "Let The Good Times Keep Rolling"

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